Unmade Beds

Described as ‘a fly on the wall turned into a vulture’ Nicholas Barker’s fascination for other people’s lives and their secrets is blatantly voyeuristic. He scans the New York skyline and its myriad apartment windows as people make love, bathe, dress cook and clean for his waiting lens.

Unmade Beds is a black comedy of vanity and desire, of love and isolation. Set in the sexual jungle of the New York singles scene it follows four real life characters; Brenda, a former lap dancer, is in search of a wealthy older man to solve her money problems; Michael, 5ft 4 ins and 40 years old, has spent fifteen years in his search for a wife – now he has a professional ‘dating’ coach; Aimee can’t believe that at twenty eight she still isn’t married and at 225lb the only men she seems to attract are big women fetishists; At 54 Mikey seems to be losing his touch with his only conquests appearing to be in his screenplays that no-one wants to produce. Equipped with ample provisions of self-delusion, misogny, anti-semitism and homophobia, Brenda, Michael, Aimee and Mikey frantically pursue their impossible dreams. Four extraordinary characters in a desperate search for love and meaning in their lives! Book»»