A Criminal Investigation

Japanese photographer Yukichi Watabe (1924-1993) is allowed to shoot a feature  of a special police investigation unit at work in the outskirts of Tokyo. More specifically, he is allowed to follow the detectives of the “Special Office of the Dismembered-Corpse Case“. They are investigating a murder case whereby the corpse was found in an oil vat from a tannery. It was burned with acid and chopped into pieces as to make identification totally impossible.

[…] Apparently, the raw material from which the selection for the book was made, consisted of 1.000 prints that were accidentally found by a rare book dealer from London. Interestingly these prints were not numbered. So, the editing team behind this edition had to come up with their own reading of the 1958 police investigation. They had to re-invent how it had actually progressed; they were free to come with a new, alternative narrative of past facts. […] more»»